Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. ~ James 1:27

27 May 2012

Kenya Trip

Angie is leaving for Kenya tomorrow morning. This blog was listed in the church bulletin as a way to stay updated. But, the updates will actually be on our h2o (hydration 2 others) blog and the mission blog.

Please visit: or for the latest information!

03 November 2011

We Did It!

The Water Walk in Clovis was an amazing, astounding, unbelievable success!  Here's a story that the Clovis News Journal ran about us: h2o article.

The day of the walk dawned bright and beautiful!  After months of worrying about wind, rain, or snow --- we could not have asked for more perfect weather.  We had almost 100 people show up for the event.  My original goal was 40, but Justin said all along that he believed it would be closer to 100.  So glad I was wrong!  Participants ranged in age from little babies to mature people in their 80's.
I was glad to hear many people talking about how impacted they were by the experience.  For us here in America, clean water is something so easy to take for granted.  I hope that everyone will remember the walk, the brown water, the sore muscles, and the people across the world who face that reality  Here's what my friend Gwyn had to say about the experience:
If, like me, you take fresh water for granted and don't give turning the tap on a second thought, then I challenge you to take part in your own water walk. I just joined others in walking 3/4 of a mile to collect water from Greene Acres Lake and then back to the church I grew up in. We filtered our water through t-shirt-like material and then put it in a stock tank. The walked symbolized what thousands of others do EVERY day, multiple times a day to get water for their families. The sad part is, the water they collect is dirtier than that found in Greene Acres. Those sent to collect the water are often children who are walking more than 2 miles a day, and the water is being used for cooking, cleaning, bathing and drinking. Imagine using water from Greene Acres to bathe in, to clean your dishes with, to cook your meals in and to drink for hydration. Become aware, as I have, to the need and the simplicity in which you can make a difference.
We raised $3000 at the walk.  I'm super excited to announce that generous donations came from other places, as well, and the well is now fully funded!  We never imagined that this journey would be so quick!  We were hoping to have the money by next summer.  We never dreamed it would be raised in 2 1/2 months!  THANK YOU to everyone who supported us with prayers and monetary gifts!
Our friend and partner in Kenya, Tom Abungu, just told the people of the village in Kenya about our project.  He told me:
I just got back from the village and I broke the news to them that a new well was coming to them and it was an imaginable joy on the faces of the people. Songs of praises to God was being sung. What a blessings!

We have decided to keep this ball rolling!  We are now working on well#2.  Stay tuned for details!  Below is a video of some of the fun at the water walk.

27 September 2011

Six Months

Golly, golly!  How can it be that we've had our sweet Eyob for six months already?  I can still so clearly remember the relief as we touched down on American soil.  The disappointment and exhaustion as we barely missed our next flight and had to overnight in Atlanta.  The sheer joy and overwhelming awesomeness of being united as a family of seven, in front of our closest family and friends!

So half a year in, I can say that we're finally, really finding our groove as a family.  Looking back, it's hard to believe that we've come so far in such a short amount of time.  This is one tough and brave boy!

I'm so grateful for the journey that we're on and for the change that Eyob has brought to our lives.  We are praying for boldness to change the world.  We can't fix everything.  We can't give a home to every orphan.  We can't feed them all or provide them with medical care.  We can't do everything, but we can do something.  We can sponsor a child.  We can provide a well for clean drinking water.  We can travel back to Africa to serve the people there.  We can be His hands and feet.  What can you do?  

Our pastor says to identify your burden, which will uncover your passion.  Great starting place!  What burdens you?

29 August 2011

Five Months Home

Last week, we celebrated five months as a family of seven.  For writing, Tatum and Kierstyn chose to use Eyob as a subject.  I love what they came up with.  Here's their paragraph:

     Eyob Masebo Robbs is a konjo, four year old little boy.  He has cute hair and beautiful skin.  He is compassionate and caring when someone gets hurt.  Eyob was adopted from Ethiopia five months ago.  He is different and unique with a great personality.

He's just a part of our family now.  It feels like we're starting to gel together as a unit and I fantasize at least once a day cannot even remember what life was like with only one little.  Our littles, Eyob and Maci, are quite a rambunctious pair.  I'm working some preschool into our school days and two and a half weeks in they both recognize A, B, and C, write the three letters, and tell what they 'say'. 

The other kids are having an excellent school year so far, too.  I skipped Tatum up a grade, so she went from 4th to 6th and is doing awesome!  Cade is bopping along with all his eighth grade stuff - Algebra II being what I was most apprehensive about, but he's doing great so far.  Kierstyn is blowing third grade right out of the water.  What a smarty pants!  We're also learning Greek, which has actually been really fun so far.

Sports start full force this week, with games and practices and the constant juggling of schedules and eating dinner on the go.  As stressful as that is sometimes, we love it and praise God every day for the joy he has given us.

Over the weekend, we de-stressed with a rock star birthday party for Tatum and some of her friends.  We had lots of fun and Justin and I looked like has been 80's rock stars incredibly hot.